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Birthday and meme

Thanks so much to everyone who left me birthday wishes and sent messages, you are all brilliant people and I love you all <3 I had a great day and got some great presents, so that was all good :D

Anyway, so the lovely chemm80 tagged me for a meme and I love her podfic so much that I'm actually going to respond! It was to talk about 5 of your fics that you love the most. I feel weird writing about my fic as it seems sort of boastful, but this actually got me thinking about what I really do enjoy writing, and unsurprisingly, the answer is amoral! dark! boys, real life AU's, Jensen's penis, and people acting like dicks.

The Psychology of Genetic Sexual Attraction
This is probably the fic I've enjoyed writing most out of all my years of writing fic. It just wrote itself. The plot is quite boring, but it really spoke to me as someone who's been in a relationship with someone else for virtually all of their entire adult life, as Sam is in this fic. What would make you give up that other person after 13 years of being together and building a life around them? Would finding out you were related be enough to break you up? I'm still not sure. Anyway, I only have fond memories of writing this one.

Modern Love
It always surprised me that no one had written a fic about erectile dysfunction before (at least not in J2 or SPN that I know of), and the idea of writing an explicit fic where one of the pairing can't get it up appealed to me in a perverse way. Of course, it was really about Jensen's ~issues as well as his dysfunctional penis, though his penis played a big role. Having said that, the part I enjoyed writing most jealous!Mark Pellegrino lusting over Jared.

The Long Seduction
This was my first RPS, and I only ended up taking the plunge thanks to the lovely and inspiring expectative whom I worked with in the reverse bigbang. I think what I like about this fic is that it's not my usual thing at all! It also has my favourite version of Jensen, manipulative and somewhat amoral but with maybe a tiny chink of genuineness that is all Jared's. Plus the Jensen/JDM stuff was pure id-fic for my personal benefit ;-)

All in the Game, yo
My love of amoral! possibly serial-killer! Winchesters knows no bounds. Sam and Dean aren't serial killers in this, but they're totally amoral and dark and don't give a shit about anybody except each other and never feel bad about the incest, which is how I like them. I was obsessed with The Wire at the time so just loved the idea of putting the two together.

This was the first SPN fic I actually felt good enough about to post, so I'm fond of it for that reason. I started watching back in season 2, but only felt up to posting fic by season 4. It's a short (for me) somewhat schmoopy, porny future fic that is obviously completely Joss-ed now. But IDK, it could maybe still happen like that.

I know I'm supposed to tag people here, but I just want to leave it as a blanket - post if you want to - type thing <3
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