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Bigbang 2013 fic: 1978 - Jared/Jensen - NC17

Fic title: 1978
Pairings: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Word count: 34k
Warnings: British 1970's AU, expect characters' language and attitudes to reflect that time (homophobia, sexism, racism, class snobbery). Allusions to molestation and the old British boarding school practice of “fagging”. Jared is 17 and Jensen 18 in this fic, I've deliberately avoided using real-life members of their families.

Summary: England, 1978: a time of strikes, class warfare, power shortages and institutional homophobia. At an elite boarding school, scholarship student, Jensen Ackles, grocer's son and fly-half for the school's Rugby First XV, falls in love with fellow boarder, Jared Padalecki, stockbroker's son and aspiring artist. But the path of love never runs smooth, especially for two boys in 1970’s England with the world, and society, against them. 


Author's note: Thanks as always to my fabulous and talented beta, dear_tiger and thanks also to my lovely artist, banbury and please go check out her atmospheric and beautiful artwork.

Just as a quick note for non-Brit folk, I'm sure a lot of you know this already, but the Lower Sixth covers ages 16-17, and Upper Sixth ages 17-18 and they study A-levels over these two years prior to attending university, (or at least they did during the time period relevant to this fic). Generally, Sixth Formers study between 2-4 A levels.
Tags: 1978, j2
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