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SPN-J2 Bigbang 2014 Masterpost: Roads (Sam/Dean - NC17)

Fic title: Roads
Pairings: Sam/Dean, past Dean/Lisa, Sam/Jess
Rating: NC17
Word count: 36k
Warnings: angst, mpreg, abortion, miscarriage, body horror, fake biology, est-relationship, underage first-time (Sam is 16). This isn’t a normal mpreg fic as there are no birth scenes or babies, though the ending is happy (sort of). Includes spoilers to all seasons including the first half of season 9, goes AU after episode 9-10.

Summary: When Sam is 15, he's diagnosed as a sexual chimera: a man with both male and female sex organs, able to conceive and carry children. When Sam is 16, he kisses his brother for the first time. Now Sam is 32, his relationship with Dean is at an all time low and he’s pregnant with Dean's baby. This story moves between the present as Sam and Dean attempt to mend their relationship while dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, and the past, as Sam and Dean fall in love and weather the storm of various canon events.


Author's Note: I've wanted to write wincest mpreg for a long while, it's a not-so-secret guilty pleasure of mine, but I tend to skew towards the body-horror side of mpreg rather than the Sam & Dean settle down and have ten kids and everything's perfect. This fic is definitely not that. In fact, the mpreg really isn't the point. It's more about Sam & Dean's relationship in season 9 and the after-effects of the angel possession. Therefore there is angst, but I have also tried to end it on a hopeful note.

I have to also say that although abortion features in this fic, this is not about abortion. If you have strong views on the subject or find it triggering then please don't read this. I do not want to offend anyone and my own views on abortion are immaterial here. I understand that the subject is upsetting, I have a difficult personal history with infertility and miscarriage myself, but this is fiction and it's about what Sam and Dean would do in the particular situation they find themselves in. There is no character bashing or pushing of agendas. I can't emphasise that enough.

Phew, anyway, all that said, I have to thank two people. Firstly, the lovely and talented clex_monkie89 who did that beautiful and fantastically atmospheric movie poster art for this fic. Seriously, it is gorgeous. Please go and check out her art. It's awesome. Secondly and most importantly, my wonderful beta dear_tiger for so much help with this. All the medical stuff is all down to her! When I told her I was writing mpreg, she was dubious, but I managed to lure her in with email chains about fake biology and just how could a man get pregnant. Seriously, I don't think anyone has ever given so much thought to the mechanics of mpreg ;-) You are amazing my dear and thank you so much for all your help and your usual marvellous beta-ing. I am still feeling smug that I got you to read mpreg!
Tags: roads, sam/dean
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:D OH HI! Fake mpreg biology was just too much fun, and I'm still running around, traumatizing people with it. And yes, you got me to read mpreg, which is amazing. But this was a wonderful story, and I didn't come out of it thinking that "OMG, I read mpreg, MT EYES!" Not at all. Sometimes I'll remember that I read mpreg, but most of the times it feel like reading another good story from you.

So excited right now for you \o/
Aww, thank you so much, I can't say that enough! I'm so pleased you didn't hate it, lol :D
oh gosh, it seems this is the m-preg story I've been waiting for. There's only been one other story that I know of that dealt with the issue of abortion and m-preg. I'm looking forward to your take on the whole m-preg and issues surrounding it.

Remember, I'm a huge weenie, so it might take me a few days. :)
No problem, hope you do enjoy it when you feel up to reading ;-) It is hard going.
Hi there! I got e-mail notifications that this was posted to AO3, but it isn't. Will it be, soon? I'd love to be able to read it on my old kindle. Thanks!
It's up on AO3 now, the link is in the masterpost. Hope you enjoy it.
OMG I cannot wait to read this, because it's you! Both of you! It's gonna have to wait until the weekend, I fear, but the anticipation is gonna kill me...
Haha, hope you enjoy it!
Poop on a stick! Your story was one of the main ones I was looking forward too, but I have 14 to go before I get to yours. :( Luckily I am on vacation next week. :P
You're so dedicated!!! I hope you do like it when you get around to it :D
Hi there! I'm very curious about the story. Will there be a PDF file or something at AO3, too? That'd be great. :)
It's up on AO3 now. The link is in the masterpost. Hope you like it!
Awesome! Thanks. :)
Congratulations! You've been rec'd at spn_littlebro!

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