Fic: Where Did You Get That Hat? - Beatles RPS - John/Paul

Title: Where Did You Get That Hat?
Pairing: John/Paul
Rating: R
Wordcount: 1400
Era: 1967, during the editing of Magical Mystery Tour
Summary: Just a pwp with John and Paul messing around while editing Magical Mystery Tour.

Author's note: For obstinatrix who asked for hat!fic months ago and who I'm going to see in a couple of hours, so belatedly, my darling, here it be. I wrote this in literally ten minutes, so apologies all round for any mistakes ;-)

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When fics come together, or maybe they don't

I've been regretting signing up for bigbang recently as I can't seem to get anywhere with anything and all creativity seems to have abandoned ship. I've started and given up 4 different stories already, one of them even got to 13k, which is kinda impressive considering there's like zero plot to it and it's just Dean and Sam sitting around a depressing apartment angsting at each other. Then there's the London J2 one which just consists of Jared digging up trivia about the tube and obsessing about Idris Elba, which is just the worst kind of self-indulgence.

Anyway so I was pretty much ready to abandon ship until this morning when I thought about the kind of fic I would want to read and ended up writing this: Sam knew how to put a leash on his big brother’s more excessive inclinations. At least in public, if the gossip was anything to go by. and then my basic reaction was yessss! I might be able to work with this!!!

So, yeah, this time I might finally have got somewhere. That is until I run out of plot ideas again. Ugh, why is plot so damn hard?
samndean walking

A ridiculous post

How I spent my weekend... yesterday we went househunting, which wasn't so much fun, but I did manage to do over 26k steps. The average person does about 6 or 7k steps per day, so that was a lot of walking and I have the blisters to prove it because I am stupid and totally wore the wrong footwear. So today, I recovered by doing nothing except play with my Sims, who have been neglected recently.

Naturally, my Sims are called Sam and Dean. Sadly, they're not brothers in the game, as try as I can, I can't get two brothers to have any kind of romantic relationship. But! They are eternally faithful to each other and have been for a crazy-long time because I'm still a ridiculous OTP-er at heart and this is my game.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the antics of Sam & Dean and their ever expanding family because I can't be bothered to write or read or do anything remotely productive today. So, here are Sim-Sam and Sim-Dean.

sam dean chill

They spend a lot of time wearing just their underwear. And yes, I am firmly in favour of the Sam chest-hair ;-)

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jensen suit

Fic: Recompense (JDM/JA - NC-17)

Title: Recompense
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan / Jensen Ackles
Word count: 2852
Summary: Jeff is a powerful married CEO with a secret boyfriend, Jensen is that secret boyfriend, but Jensen is a whole lot more than that.
Warnings: Manhandling, manipulation, possessiveness, mentions of underage

Notes: This is kind of a timestamp prequel to my J2 fic, The Long Seduction, though, more accurately, this is pure self-indulgence, written for my own perverted pleasure. You totally don't need to have read The Long Seduction to read this.

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SD b&w

Fic: New Boy (Jared/Jensen, R)

Title: New Boy
Rating: R
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Word count: 7057
Summary: Vampire!Jared falls in love with Human!Jensen and decides to turn him. He gets a bit more than he bargained for.
Warnings: Vampire AU, dark-ish, more of a dark beige. Also brief mentions of Jared/Jensen/OMC

Notes: Gift fornobeforethat who asked for vampire AU with vampire!Jared and human!Jensen. You also said you had a love for dark fics and monster fics, so I hope this hits all the spots ;-) Many thanks to the lovely and wise dear_tiger for the quick beta.

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World's Forgotten Boys - The Masterpost

Pairings: Sam/Dean, Dean/OMC, Sam/OMC, (mentions of Sam/Jess)
Overall rating: NC-17
Summary: SPN AU. Ross Christopher Winchester knows three things to be true: that his father, John, is a hero, that he's going to be the best hunter in the goddamn world, and that his two older brothers are in love with each other. This fic is an AU-version of Seasons 1 and 2 where The Winchester Boys mean Dean and Sam and Ross, where John is still missing, where Mary and Jess are still crispy-fried, and where Dean and Sam are still obsessed with one another...

Chapters so far

Just a word about the soundtrack... as some of you have probably realised, I totally stole the title for this from Iggy and The Stooges' Search and Destroy, and yeah, yeah, I know, song-lyric titles: blergh. But in my defence, this song is beyond awesome, with possibly the best EVER first lines of any song ever, plus that intro... gives me goosebumps every time I hear it, and I've heard it a lot. Anyway, it all adds up to my original inspiration for writing this fic. And to honour that, I've made a sort of soundtrack that's basically all the songs that've been mentioned in the text (GnR's November Rain - wooh! and Sabbath's Sweet Leaf - wooh!), plus a couple more Stooges' tracks and a couple of others that always make me think of Ross and the boys whenever I hear them.

I'm a street walking cheetah, with a heart full of napalm
I'm a runaway son of the nuclear A-bomb,
I am a world's forgotten boy,
The one who searches and destroys;
Honey gotta help me please
Somebody gotta save my soul!
Baby detonates for me...
teddy bear

RPF Bigbang Masterpost: Modern Love (Jared/Jensen - NC-17)

Title: Modern Love
Word Count: 36,155
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jared/Jensen; past Jensen/Jeff Morgan; one-sided Jared/Mark Pellegrino
Warnings: established relationship, age difference between Jared and Jensen is 8 years, one character is suffering from erectile dysfunction, past minor character deaths caused by serious hate crime, kid with a speaking part
Summary: In 2005, art intern, Jared Padalecki, fell in love with his boss, ambitious and promiscuous Jensen Ackles. Five years later, reeling from a tragedy that killed three of their friends, they left Texas to build a new life in New York. It’s now 2012, and Jared’s no longer the idealistic intern, he’s got everything he thought he wanted, except nothing seems to be going right: Jensen's business is faltering, their sex life is non-existent and the past won't leave them alone. Still, Jared’s got no intention of giving up on Jensen; he just hopes Jensen feels the same way.


Author's Note: Written for the rpf_big_bang I want to say tons and heaps of thanks to my lovely and talented beta, dear_tiger who helped me so much with this and who is such an awesome writer and editor and person! I cut out another 2000 or so words after she was done, taking on board all her advice, so any mistakes left are all my fault. Also, tons of thanks and appreciation go to my lovely artist nanoks who produced some great pieces to go with this. I've inserted a lot of her art into the text, but go to her art post to check out what I couldn't squeeze in - it's well worth it!

Author's Note 2: I should mention that in terms of characters, there's a real mish-mash of RPF folks and OC's in this. Adrianne Palicki, Chad Michael Murray, Mark Pellegrino and Jeff Morgan are all based on real people (obviously!) but Jensen's dead BFF, Stefan, is an invention of my own. Also, I've deliberately not used any real J2 family members but given them totally new families.